Covid insurance. Meet, pay, end year 2021. Where should I buy to compare coverage?

Covid insurance. Meet, pay, end year 2021. Where should I buy to compare coverage? Teleserye


Covid insurance. Meet, pay, end year 2021. Where should I buy to compare coverage?

Covid insurance. Meet, pay, complete. Get a lump sum when infected. how much to pay What to protect and where to do it We’ve gathered information on COVID-19 insurance for the year 2021 to tell you.
          Covid 19 is never far away from us. Even if the situation seems to improve But suddenly, news of the outbreak in the new cluster came back again. And it’s getting closer and closer to us, so many people think of doing insurance for Covid 19 with them to feel relieved. which is available in a variety of formats But what people are most interested in is the find, pay and finish type of COVID-19 insurance that offers a sum of money when infected.

 Today, therefore collects information on insurance against Covid 19, find, pay, complete, updated edition of 2021 to compare. With considerations before buying insurance for COVID-19 .

What is insurance for covid 19 meet, pay, finish?

        Covid-19   insurance, find, pay, finish will cover cases diagnosed with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), meaning that if a doctor detects that we are really infected with COVID-19, they can request a medical certificate. Claim insurance to receive a lump sum one time. However, each plan meets, pays, and ends for each company. will provide different protections such as 

  • Protects only on infection detection no medical expenses 
  • Protection for both infection detection and provide medical expenses including compensation for sickness due to coma or death
  • Protection for both infection detection and provide medical expenses only in case of vaccine allergy
  • Protection for both infection detection and provide daily compensation in case of hospitalization but no medical expenses
  • Protection for both infection detection and accident insurance in case of death Loss of organs or disabilities
Covid 19 insurance. Meet, pay, end. Who is it suitable for?
How to choose?

         Covid-19 insurance, found, pay, finish that is currently being sold. Most of them will focus on giving a one-time sum of money when the infection is detected. And often does not provide medical expenses with it, so it is suitable for people who already have other medical rights, such as having health insurance, civil servant rights. social security rights to help pay for medical expenses 

          But for those who are not sure if they are sick, they have to go to the hospital. Will there be a surplus that I have to pay extra for myself? or in the case of wanting to be treated in a hospital outside of their rights You may choose to have insurance that meets, pays, ends, that is attached to medical expenses. or compensation when hospitalized The insurance premiums may be more expensive than the one-time lump sum payment. or it might be cheaper But the sum is paid when the number of infections is less.

          In conclusion, we should consider which areas of protection we need. In order to choose the most suitable COVID-19 insurance for yourself.

Things you need to know before buying COVID-19 insurance
  1. Covid-19 insurance has a waiting period of 14 days, that is, if sick with COVID-19 during the 14 days after the policy is effective. will not be able to claim insurance By stipulating this condition to prevent people who know they are sick and come to buy insurance later. to reimburse treatment or receive compensation
  2. In the case of a chronic disease can be insured Many companies may require us to declare information in the insurance application. which must be stated truthfully. However, some companies may have additional requirements in certain patient groups. It is recommended to inquire from the company. And read the terms and conditions of the policy carefully before purchasing insurance.
  3. If you’ve had COVID-19 and have been cured May be able to insure It depends on the policies of each company.
  4. Insurance plans with medical expenses can use the portion of medical expenses for tax deduction.
  5. Sickness in a coma from coronavirus infection Must have the following components
       – brain death and nervous system failure. Unresponsive to external stimuli for at least 96 hours
       – End-stage illness, a serious illness in which doctors have determined that there is no cure for it. and/or causing death mainly due to coronavirus infection
  6. In case of choosing an insurance plan with medical expenses If not admitted to the hospital contracted with the insurance company Patients must make a reservation in advance. Then bring the receipt to withdraw from the insurance company. but if it is a contracted hospital Patients do not have to pay
  7. Buying insurance for Covid 19, find, pay, end. Many copies. You can claim all of them. The original medical certificate must be obtained equal to the amount of insurance you wish to claim. But if you buy insurance that covers medical expenses Will withdraw as much as actually paid by having to submit medical expense reimbursement from the first company we bought insurance first The rest is then drawn more from the 2nd company, the 3rd company.
  8. For covid insurance, meet, pay, end. Many companies have conditions that The patient had to be hospitalized until he recovered. Therefore, the results of the infection can be found and a medical certificate to claim insurance
  9. Covid-19 insurance does not pay in case of illness caused by corona virus infection before insurance. or had an infection during the waiting period Including the use of rights in bad faith, such as making multiple insurances and then prove that they intentionally infected themselves
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