Excessive fear of germs, poor hygiene, may indicate mysophobia

Excessive fear of germs, poor hygiene, may indicate mysophobia Teleserye


Excessive fear of germs, poor hygiene, may indicate mysophobia

Adhere to the ultimate cleanliness habit. Just wash your hands, then spray some alcohol. Is this kind of fear of germs getting close to a malfunction?

If possible, no one wants to get close to dirt and germs. Because we know that there may be vectors attached to these things. It makes it easy to get sick. Especially during the Covid-19 outbreak, we start to feel afraid to touch things that are touched. We are wary of people who are coughing, sneezing, paranoid and being in places where there are people. Many times more crowded than before but for some fear of germs Fear of filth will be at a deeper level than that. This may be a fear of germs or Mysophobia, the fear of too much dirt, may suffer from Mysophobia           Mysophobia is a type of phobia in which there is a fear of germs. afraid of dirt fear of unclean areas various contamination, including infection The kind that is so afraid that it affects life. Fear of dirt is also known by other names, such as Germaphobia, Bacillophobia, Bacteriophobia or Verminophobia.

Mysophobia is caused by what?

          Mysophobia is a specific type of phobia. The cause of this type of phobia is caused by the behavior of family members. Or it happens to someone who has been through a violent event that has this feeling of fear involved. or have a knot with exposure to germs touched the dirt before Including people who have a habit of very cleanliness are more likely to get sick with a fear of germs more easily than others. It may also be related to abnormalities in the brain chemicals that cause phobias.

What are the symptoms of Mysophobia?

          Dirt is something that no one wants to get close to. but be afraid of germs How much are you afraid of dirt to be considered a phobia? Let’s check each other

          * Fear of germs and severe filth to the point of losing symptoms when touching or getting close to that dirt

          * Unusually negative reactions such as crying, screaming, sweating, trembling when faced with dirt

          * Fear of dirt to the point of being sick, such as fainting, fainting I can’t stand.

          * Wash your hands too often. They may wash their hands every 10 minutes or every time they pick up and handle things.

          * Often take a long shower. or shower often because you think you are dirty

          * Avoid sharing things with others in all cases, such as public toilets, public transport, food

          * Avoid touching other people’s bodies. Even small children are afraid.

          However, the fear that can be classified as a phobia is often a severe fear. that affects normal living People with this condition tend to have difficulty living one way or another.

Mysophobia Is It Curable? Mysophobia is

          a phobia that can be cured. The main treatment methods are as follows.

1. Behavioral therapy.

          It is the main treatment that requires a lot of patient cooperation. Because the patient must be trained to face their own fear gradually. Until reaching the goal of treatment.

2. Drug treatment. Drugs

          that treat fear of dirt is often some antidepressants, some antipsychotics,anti-tremor drugs. anti-anxiety medication which drug therapy is done in conjunction with behavioral therapy The drug will help patients feel less fearful and more courageous for behavioral therapy.

fear of dirt May be accompanied by obsessive-compulsive disorder

          Mysophobia often accompanies the obsessive-compulsive disorder. Patients who are afraid of germs tend to wash their hands frequently never stop mopping or take a shower over and over again which is associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms But there is a slight difference. People afraid of germs will repeat themselves to keep themselves clean. But obsessive-compulsive disorder patients do it over and over to make themselves comfortable.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder The feeling of thinking-doing, bruising, eh…forgot to do it?

If checked then yes We have a real fear of germs to the point of phobias, so don’t worry. because this condition is curable Just cooperate with a psychiatrist. And take good care of yourself.

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