How to deal with toxic people Stop losing mental health because of Toxic Person.

How to deal with toxic people Stop losing mental health because of Toxic Person. Teleserye


How to deal with toxic people Stop losing mental health because of Toxic Person.

Stop sacrificing your happiness with toxic people. Stay with me and only encounter negative things until I’m mentally ill.
          If you live in any society and feel unhappy. life is not bright There are only negative things around. Check to see if the person you are close to is a Toxic Person or not. And if you have to live with someone like this for a long time, whether at work or at home. How should we cope? Let’s try to find a solution together, shall we?
Who is Toxic Person?
          If you meet someone who has this kind of habits or thoughts…that’s right, they are the real Toxic Person!

1. Be pessimistic all the time

          His view of the surroundings would become all bad. Even if there are people who do good things, they think that they hope for their own benefit. Or have a habit of keeping small things in pessimism. Even if it’s not my own thing, I’m stressed, I’m good at paranoia, and I worry about everything. I’ve been with this kind of person for a long time and I’m very disappointed.

2. He never admits his mistakes and always thinks he is right

          His own faults were never seen. Or if you see it, it’s always someone else’s fault. It can be said that there is almost nothing left on the side, and I still don’t think I’ve made any mistakes. But he thought that what he did was right and should be, but other people weren’t doing it well. Seeing this, I can only breathe.

3. Don’t try to understand others. but prefers to judge others from their own point of view

          Although we have known each other for a long time not well known enough but judge him from his own point of view and good at criticizing Play as a mentor who judges others based on their own opinions. It’s called having no respect for others. I also think that I can talk to anyone in any way. and can speak to anyone

4. Always selfish

          It’s not wrong to say that you are good at surviving. But in order to survive, he did not want to share the suffering with anyone. But if any side calls to join happiness, it is always possible. or even encountering an imminent matter ready to eject himself from the risky situation regardless of what others are like

5. Asking for help all the time

          Even if it’s a job in my own responsibility, I always pay respect to others to help me do it. Please help me deal with the things that matter to him. Or in small matters such as shopping and traveling, there may be a habit of asking for help from those around you. Like everyone has to stand by to help him.

6. Always put pressure on others to be good enough for yourself.

          People like this tend to expect us to be good, to be good enough for them to pay respects. or dependable And if we can’t do as he hoped It will splash the words that various things will undermine our encouragement. Some people may think that we are not good enough. incompetent because of his evil words

7. You can never rely on

          He is always dependent on others. But no one can ask for help from him. no compassion for anyone There’s only one excuse here.

8. Like to provoke

          To cause dissension to those around him may be his job. Because some things are unfounded. They form water to incite people to fight with each other without any guilt.

9. Can’t See Who’s Better

          They tend to have a habit of comparing themselves with others all the time. and see who is better than trying to win by any means

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