Perverted sexual desire disorder What kind of symptoms are in the category!

Perverted sexual desire disorder What kind of symptoms are in the category! Teleserye


Perverted sexual desire disorder What kind of symptoms are in the category!

Sexual perversion. What are the symptoms of people with abnormal sexual desires? Know what to notice the people around you. so as not to be a victim

We often hear the news of thief stealing underwear. Show some secrets in public. Or even child molestation, the elderly feel satisfaction when they have sex in a grotesque manner. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Which these symptoms are characteristic of a type of ” sexual perversion “, but there are also many symptoms that are classified as eroticism as well. Today, let’s understand that What is the cause of this disease? and can be treated or not
What is Kama? 
          Perversion, sometimes known as paraphilia in English, or Sexual Perversion or Sexual deviation, is a sexual disorder characterized by a high level of sexual arousal. when stimulated by non-generic objects, situations, or people until becoming obsessed and vented with unusual behavior It is more common in males than females. and is more common in males aged 15-25 years.
fact, it is not known exactly what is the cause of eroticism. But it is assumed to have something to do with the following.


          – Parenting in childhood Family Cultivation
          – Bad experience of cultivating . or has been done in the past until it is traumatic
          – Testosterone levels more than normal
          – Brain disorders such as some epilepsy patients
          – Mental disorders
          – Feeling that oneself has inferiority complexes in sex such as The size of the penis
          – the lack of pleasure from sex Want to compensate for their own sexual desires
          – demanding attention To be accepted
          – the environment,

eroticism, what are the symptoms?

          In general, the patient exhibits abnormal sexual expressions. is being urged to feel sexually aroused by stimuli that are not normal, often occurring repeatedly for more than 6 months When done, you will feel excited, happy, want to do it again.

The symptoms of perversion can manifest in many forms. depending on different behavior Some forms can be so serious that they can even commit crimes. An example that is often seen in the news is:

– Sadism is a person who engages in violent behavior with a partner. Will be excited to see a partner in pain.

– Masochism (Masochism) feeling happy or satisfied with the sexual pain itself. was violently

Fish feed Flat Lick (Pedophilia) or diseases like children. are people who tend to have sex drive with an average child aged 13 years or less. and often get emotional when seeing a picture of a child And the persistence is fascinated

– Girontophilia (Gerontophilia) is someone who has sex with the elderly.

– Necrophilia (Necrophilia) is a symptom of someone who has sex with a corpse. Or organ parts of a corpse.

– Sufilia (Zoophilia) is the pleasure of having sex with animals.

– Fetishism (Fetishism) sexual desire and orgasm with inanimate objects. This may be something of a symbol of the opposite sex, such as handkerchiefs, underwear, stockings, high heels

– X inhibitor steep Metabolism. (Exhibitionism)Is someone who likes to show their genitals in public. When you show off you will feel happy, confident and will repeat behavior.

– Voyeurism. Feel happy to voyeur. Sneak peek at people changing clothes Or the sex of the other

– waiting for the day after (Frotteurism) is a disease that is happy with the Tooat sex with strangers

– Telephone, skat’s Carlo Mejia (Telephone Scatologia) is to use the phone to talk about pornography.

– New Four Mania (nymphomania) a woman with lust is so high that you can not control your emotions themselves  

– Transvestic fetishism is to achieve an erection when wearing clothing of the opposite sex

erotic perversity treatment. Is it?

          Sexual perversions can be cured. Therefore, if you meet someone close to you with symptoms like this Relatives should immediately bring them to see a psychiatrist. Which psychiatrists will help treat in 3 main areas to allow patients to return to normal life:
          1. Psychotherapy focuses on modifying thought processes and behaviors. Change patients’ misconceptions to have a better understanding of themselves.
          2. Physical therapy, such as in the case of sexual dysfunction due to abnormally high testosterone I will have to use drugs.
          3. Social treatment or behavioral therapy To help control behaviors, perhaps finding other activities to do instead to reduce sexual urges.
 There is a recommendation from a psychiatrist that If you meet a patient who likes to show off in public which is a type of eroticism Should not show shock, scream, scream, because the patient will feel more satisfied with what he has done. and will not be able to control these behaviors But if we focus properly, don’t panic, don’t scream, it will reduce the confidence of the patient. I dare not show such behavior again.

It is often found that many patients with erotic disorders have experienced traumatic events in the past. especially in childhood Therefore, family upbringing is the first line of defense to prevent mental disorders to a certain extent.

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